Coverage of Warranty

All our customers enjoy a 2-year limited hardware warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on frame

  1. Incomplete set of parts on delivery
  2. Any defect(s) of parts during delivery
  3. Significant defect(s) of mechanical part(s) such as hydraulics, recline mechanism, and tilt mechanism


On Terms and Conditions

  1. Notify us through Contact Us, providing us any relevant images or videos within 7 days from the date of defect.
  2. For new unit(s), please notify us before assembly. Once assembly is done, warranty will not be covered for physical damage(s)
  3. Any part(s) repaired or replaced will be covered for the remaining warranty period

What is not covered under the warranty?

  1. Normal wear and tear of PU leather
  2. Damage(s) on chair nylon/metal base or PU wheels
  3. Damage(s) on armrests such as breaking 
  4. Natural disaster including but not limited to fire, flood, collapse of property 
  5. Damage(s) resulted from alteration and modification 
  6. Damage(s) caused by self-assembly or improper assembly, usage that derives from the Guided User Manual
  7. Expenses for return delivery for inspection and replacement 


Limited Warranty

TTRacing reserves the right and discretion to determine the warranty is effective or such part(s) shall be replaced or repaired. Shall there be any damage(s) caused by abusive actions that derive from the intended usage of the product(s); including, but not limited to modificationimpact, will result to termination of the warranty with immediate effect.

This warranty is effective only on the initial buyer. TTRacing should be notified for any transfer of ownership and warranty for the warranty to be effective.

Warranty Effective Date

This warranty is effective on the date of delivery.

Refund and Return Policy

TTRacing does not provide any refund or return of products in any form, be it monetary or credit under any normal circumstances. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my chair?

TTRacing chairs are known to be extremely durable, even so, taking good aftercare is vitally important to ensure the chair feels and looks like you first bought it.

Thus, it is essential to avoid any forms of liquid as it is unfavorable to the PU Leather of your chair and do take extra step to wiping it down once in a while to keep it clean. Best clean with microfiber cloth to keep it spick-and-span for years.

How long will my chair lasts?

While the chair is known for its durability, it is not friendly with rough usage, for the best of your interest, you may want to consider keeping it away from your pets, sharp objects, impacts or other usages that are unintended for your chair so it may lasts for years.