About Us

TTRacing; founded in 2016. Our team comprises of 5 team members, each specialised in skill-set and experience in different aspects. 2016 was also the year we saw the blooming of game industry and we soon came to realisation that there were no chairs that we can truly call comfortable.

There were abundant of chairs with great designs, but most of them did not meet our expectation of great comfort for extended period of sitting. Hence, it leads to the formation of the team behind TTRacing. We dedicate ourselves in every single steps and effort to create a chair of unmatched comfort, from researching, designing, parts testing, to initial product testing and etc.

The process took us at least six months of tireless effort to finally be able to build the best gaming chair, we pride ourselves in our abilities to maximise the comfort in each chair we created.

The team will continuously work towards launching even greater models with wide range of features.

Check out our homepage to see what is unique about our chairs.