TTRacing Maxx Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair - Darth Vader Edition

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Extravagant Comfort from Space

The brand-new TTRacing Maxx Darth Vader Edition offers a unique feeling of comfort forged from the farthest reaches of space. It features a terrifying design that is based on Darth Vader’s trademark black armor and helmet. The chair is dressed in a combination of faux leather and velour fabric which offers luxurious comfort for users who demand more for their inter-galactic conquest. The upholstery has the added bonus of minimizing heat-trap and dissipates heat at a faster rate which keeps your back dry and comfortable during any weather condition.

Galactic Design

This variant of the high-end gaming chair features Darth Vader’s trademark black armor with the TIE fighter and Death Star accompanying the warlord’s persona on the chair’s side. The back part of the chair features Darth Vader’s trademark helmet for users to show their allegiance to the most powerful warlord of the Sith Order.

155-Degree Full Recline And Multi-Tilt Mechanism

Whether it is fighting your rivals with lightsabers or taking on a fleet of enemy starships, continue the fight with the chair’s 155-degree full recline and multi-tilt mechanism. With it, you can get the best comfort position to work or play at your best for long hours.

The Art of Perfect Craftsmanship

The Maxx Darth Vader Edition is created through the perfect combination of the frame, foam and upholstery. Traditionally, foam is applied to the chair frame before it is dressed with the upholstery. While this process is simpler, it creates trivial creases and uneven surfaces which can ruin your personal comfort. At TTRacing, compromising on quality is not an option. We combined our top-quality cold cure foam with our premium faux leather and velour fabric before applying them to the chair frame. This process results in the perfect gaming chair fit for the darkest space warlord. Bonded faux leather is also more practical (as compared to hot real leather chairs) and provides the best value for quality.

4D-Adjustable Armrests

The Maxx Darth Vader Edition is equipped with 4D-adjustable armrests that allow your arms to get the perfect fighting stance. The armrests are coated in delicate cushion body material and can be adjusted up, down, left, right, angled clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Memory Foam Neck and Lumbar Pillows

The Maxx Darth Vader Edition even comes with lumbar and neck pillows that support you when you’re fighting the forces of light. Made from spongy memory foam and soft velour fabric, these pillows have a soft, plushy feeling that gives you long hours of world-class comfort. It is perfect for destroying the forces of good until there is nothing left.

Heavy Duty Class 4 SGS-Certified Hydraulics

The chair is made from durable Class 4 SGS-certified hydraulics which are the best hydraulics for supporting your galactic conquest. These hydraulics allow you to rotate and adjust your chair height easily. The Maxx Darth Vader Edition also has a 4cm lower shaft which creates a more balanced center of gravity for increased stability. The hydraulics’ sturdy aluminium body also makes it super durable against most forms of damage.

Robust Aluminium Alloy Wheelbase

The chair’s wheelbase is made from ultra-strong aluminium alloy which is the same material used in automotive and aerospace components. Like the Sith warlord, the chair is powerful enough to take on much more weight than any other wheelbase and is resistant to rust and corrosion.

65MM xl Locking Casters

Compared to normal casters, the 65mm extra-large locking casters provide more stability for the chair. It also has ultra-smooth 360-degree rotation that allows the chair to glide across most flooring surfaces, almost like floating in space. The casters can also be anchored with the simple “push-down” mechanism which keeps the chair in place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Come to the dark side

The design is one of a kind. I think it's the best looking fabric type variant for TTRacing Maxx. The frame and wheel is very solid.
Best option for those looking for big chair with great support, highly recommend it.

Miqael Omar

Great chair


TTRacing Maxx Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair - Darth Vader Edition

Daniel Varcoe
Perfect Chair.

Love the chair. It's sturdy and the built quality is superb!

The dark side can be a great value!

Have been using the Darth Vader edition of the Maxx Air for a couple of weeks now and liking it. Was going to place an order for a competitor's chair but the attitude, arrogance and horrible purchase experience from that vendor drove me to try TTRacing after reading some good reviews. Although not perfect, dealing with the TTRacing folks and website was a much better experience. Icing on the cake was that the TTRacing was less than half the cost of the other brand. Saved me a pretty penny.
Compared to the competitor's product which I have been using for a couple of years now, the TTRacing Maxx holds it own. Build quality, aesthetics (although its personal and subjective, but I think the Dark Lord's theme rocks.), comfort and function are comparable. Although not a scientific measurement, I would roughly gauge to say that you are getting 85 to 90% of the competitor's product at less than 50% of the price. Unless you absolutely have to get to best and don't mind paying double the price for 10 to 15% more, the TTRacing Maxx would be a great value for money choice. Of course, I reserve my right to differ after extended use over time but at this time after two weeks of usage, I think the force is on the dark side. :)