TTRacing Surge X Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair

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Free TTRacing L Size Lumbar Pillow - Star Wars Edition worth RM259


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Built For Stylish Comfort

The TTRacing Surge X features a sleek curved backrest that supports proper seating posture while also allowing the user to stand out among the rest of the room. The Surge X’s ergonomic design also ensures perfect contact between the user’s body and the chair, so you can enjoy maximum comfort. The chair is dressed in smooth carbon fiber PU leather and stuffed with top-quality cold cure foam that makes the Surge X a reliable comfort companion for long hours.

155 Degree Full Recline

The Surge X’s 155-degree recline makes it possible for you to relax or even take a nap after a tiring day. It also has multiple recline levels to suit different kinds of activities, such as reading, playing mobile games or watching your favourite movie.

The Art of Perfect Craftsmanship

Advanced craftsmanship techniques have allowed us to create the perfect piece of ergonomic comfort. Traditionally, foam is applied to the chair frame before the upholstery. While the process is faster, it creates potential uneven surfaces or creases that can ruin your comfort experience. At TTRacing, we do not compromise on giving you the best comfort imaginable. We combined our top-quality cold cure foam with our premium-quality faux leather upholstery before applying it to the chair frame. This process results in an impeccable fit between the frame, foam, and upholstery and eliminates even trivial creases. Bonded faux leather is also much more practical (as compared to hot real leather chairs) and provides the best value for quality.

4D Adjustable Armrests

The Surge X’s customized 4D-adjustable armrests allow you to work or play at your best. You can adjust your armrests up, down, left, right, angled clockwise or anti-clockwise to put your arms in a comfortable position depending on your activity.

Upgraded Lumbar and Neck Pillows

The Surge X features upgraded lumbar and neck pillows that provide better support for the user while also minimizing muscle aches and tension. The lumbar pillow is larger than the previous model, which provides more support for your lower back, while the neck pillow is curved to hold your neck in the correct position. Both pillows are made from soft plushy velour upholstery and filled with soft memory foam that keeps users comfortable for long hours.

Upgraded Heavy Duty Chrome Steel Wheelbase

Our upgraded wheelbase is constructed to provide maximum stability and durability. Made from steel, the wheelbase can take on up to 10 times its own weight while also being resistant to rust and corrosion. The wheelbase also has an additional 4cm lower shaft that adds more stability and keeps the chair from tipping over easily, regardless of your seating posture.

Heavy Duty XL Locking PU Castors

Our 6.5cm diameter PU casters are designed to resemble a sports car rim which are really stylish. They are also durable and are capable of rotating 360 degrees along the movement axis. The rubber material allows the casters to move on most flooring surfaces without causing damage to the casters or the surface itself.

Customer Reviews

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Hakim Jaaffar

Nice product 🔥🔥🔥

Kelvin Oh
Feedback on TT Racing Chair Purchase

I wanted to share my recent experience with the TT Racing chair that I purchased from your showroom. While the chair itself is undoubtedly very comfortable, and the quality is awesome, I must admit that I am quite disappointed with the purchasing process. I made the purchase directly from your showroom in Bangsar, excited to own this fantastic product. However, just a few hours later, I happened to notice that your TT Racing shop on Shopee was offering an additional discount of RM100++ on the exact same model I had just purchased. This discovery left me feeling disheartened and somewhat cheated, as it appears that the sales channels are not aligned at all. This pricing discrepancy has left me questioning the fairness and consistency of the pricing across your different platforms. I understand that pricing and promotions may vary, but I would appreciate greater transparency and consistency across your sales channels to ensure all customers receive fair treatment. I hope you can understand my perspective and address this issue appropriately. Perhaps there could be a way to honor the discounted price on my recent purchase or provide some form of compensation for the discrepancy. Despite this disappointment, I remain optimistic about your brand and products, and I hope that you can take this feedback constructively to enhance the overall customer experience.

TTRacing Surge Air Threads Fabric Gaming Chair

Chair is good.

Saiful Firdaus Sulaiman
Good quality chair but…

The chair is awesome. Suit its price. My only comment is the tracking system. Need to upgrade the system so it easy for customer to track the order.

Muhammad Khaerul Azzam
I really like this chair

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