A Guide to Choosing The Right TTRacing Gaming Chair For Yourself

Sitting for hours on a conventional chair can tire your body because, believe it or not, humans were not made to sit for long periods. Whether you’re working or gaming for hours, an ergonomic gaming chair can give you the much-needed support so you can stay comfortable and focused when sitting down.

We at TTRacing aim to give you high-quality gaming chairs that offer the best seating experience but our models aren’t always for everyone. Some prefer a more softer material while others require adjustability. Some require a taller and wider chair for their size while others are more content with a small yet comfortable chair. In this article, we will give you some tips in choosing the right TTRacing gaming chair so you can get the best for your performance during any kind of activity.


  • Height and Weight

    Before choosing a TTRacing chair, it is good to measure both your weight and height first as our TTRacing chairs can accommodate different height and weight ranges.

    Our entry-level Duo V3 model is recommended for those who are shorter than 180 cm and weighs less than 130 kg.

    The Swift X 2020 model has a large figure that can accommodate those between the height range 160 to 200 cm and weighs less than 150 kg.

    The fully adjustable Surge model fits those between the height range of 170 to 200 cm and weighs less than 180 kg.

    Similar to the Surge model, the stylish Maxx model fits those between the height range of 170 to 200 cm and weighs less than 200 kg.


  • Material

    Depending on which material you choose, the TTRacing chair you choose can provide you with a unique comfort experience.

    For those who prefer a soft and luxurious feeling that can make you feel like a king with easy aftercare and maintenance, you can go for TTRacing Surge and Maxx models or the PU leather variants of the TTRacing Duo V3 and Swift X 2020 models which are made from easily-cleaned synthetic leather.

    For those who like a softer, cloud-like feeling with increased breathability to keep your back from sweating while working on a hot day, you can purchase the Air Threads Fabric variants of the TTRacing Duo V3 and Swift X 2020 models. Made from the softest textiles, the Air Threads Fabric will make you feel like you’re floating on air when sitting down.


  • Adjustability

    Gaming chairs have adjustable backrests, armrests and seat bases that allow the muscles opportunity to move and relax. It’s also the same with our TTRacing chairs which have different kinds of adjustments to enhance the user’s support.

    Our Surge and Maxx models have reclining backrests and 4D adjustable armrests that make it easier to position your arms. Both features allow you to have more control over your comfort experience. However, that isn’t to say both models offer the same level of adjustability. On the one hand, the Surge model has a wider, 180-degree recline angle than the Maxx which allows you to lie down and relax. On the other hand, the Maxx also comes with a multi-tilt mechanism that makes it easier for you to adjust the angle by freeing and locking the chair’s tilt mechanism according to your desired angle.

    The Swift X 2020 model does come with a 165-recline angle but the armrests can only be adjusted in one direction, which is vertically (height-adjustable).

    The Duo V3 has no adjustable armrests and reclining backrests but it does have a 20-degree full tilt mechanism which allows the user to stretch their legs and experience a low-gravity, floating feeling.


  • Seat-base design

    The model you choose should also depend on your preferred sitting posture, whether it is static or dynamic sitting.

    For those who want more freedom to move their body while sitting down (dynamic sitting), you should choose the Duo V3 and Maxx which have a wider open-ended design.

    As for those who prefer to position themselves in a fixed position so that the keyboard and mouse are within reach (static sitting), the Swift X 2020 and Surge has a bucket seat design that corrects and maintains your body’s seating posture for long hours.

    Choosing the right TTRacing model for yourself can give you a comfortable work or gaming experience. So, before buying, consider what you want out of a gaming chair first and check out the specification on each model to make your purchasing decisions easier. Check out our models at our store page at ttracing.my.