Sanitization Measures During COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic which has been ongoing since early 2020, we at TTRacing, alongside many Malaysian businesses, have implemented extra measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure the safety of our workers and customers who are our top priority during these challenging times.


One of the measures we’ve implemented is to sanitize our gaming chairs before delivery so that they do not become potential spreaders of the coronavirus when they reach our intended customer.

Our warehouse is thoroughly sanitized using a sanitizer gun before commencing operations. Our warehouse staffs are mandated to wear face masks and maintain a distance of 2m while performing their day to day activities. In compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, we also do temperatures readings for all our workers and have them scan the QR code using the “MySejahtera” or other QR scanner apps to determine their COVID-19 risk classification and vaccination status. For tracing purposes, the names of employees who enter the premises are recorded during each working day.

Thorough sanitization of the chair parts are also carried out. They are left to dry for some time. The chair parts are then wrapped using proper packaging bags to ensure zero contact. The packages are then loaded into the delivery trucks ready for dispatch. Through this process, we ensure that all of our chairs reach the customer safely without the risk of spreading the virus to other people.


We at TTRacing understand that stopping the spread of the COVID-19 is a combined effort from members of the public. To that end, we will continue to do our part by implementing these new measures to protect our people and customers during the pandemic. We truly appreciate your trust with TTRacing and hope that you stay safe.