Gaming Chair For

TTRacing is a gaming chair company that strives to give everyone the best comfort experience for when they’re working or playing for long hours. At TTRacing, we go the extra mile in equipping our chairs with ergonomic features that support your body when you’re sitting down so that you can achieve increased productivity and performance. Whether you’re working or relaxing, we guarantee our TTRacing chairs to be a great companion during any kind of activity.

Seating The Future

Our goal is to create long lasting ergonomic comfort to support our users productivity and performance. TTRacing believes that changing the world comes by having a good sitting posture which can lead to increased productivity and performance.

Why Us?

All of our gaming chairs are the result of years of ergonomic engineering. To that end, we subject our chairs to both standardized and customized tests that ensure that all our chairs exceed the industry standards. This is done so that you can have the best experience as well as improved posture when sitting down on our TTRacing chair.

Top choice for Gamers and Enthusiasts in South East Asia

TTRacing is currently being operated in Malaysia and the Philippines. We plan to expand to other Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Top Gaming Chair Supplier for Malaysia’s Premier Brands