TTRACING Aftercare

Making sure your chair look great and work well for many years to come.

1. General Care

It's simple to clean and maintain your TTRacing chair. If you take proper care of your chair, it will continue to look wonderful while also providing you with comfort for many years.

Follow the instructions for use

Improper usage of your chair might harm it or, worse, cause injury. Always use your chair in a safe manner.

Avoid sweating too much on it

Perspiration and dirt are harmful to the PU leather's top coating, so wipe down your chair with a slightly damp cloth on a regular basis to remove perspiration and dirt.

Sitting bare-skinned is not recommended

The buildup of body oil and friction from direct contact with your skin affects the pH values and degrades the protective coating on PU leather over time.

Liquids should be avoided

Moisture of any kind is bad for the PU leather. Clean up any spills right away, and only sit in your TTRacing chair once you've completely dried off from your shower.

Please don't abuse it

Even the toughest chairs will break down if they are subjected to repeated abuse, so keep your chair away from bumps, drops, and sharp objects.

It's best not to use a hair dryer near it

High heat (such as from hairdryers) damages the PU leather's top coating, reducing its durability and affecting its shine or colour.

Pets must be kept at bay

Claws and teeth can damage the PU leather and other soft parts of your chair, so be cautious when they're around.

2. Safety Instructions

Improper usage of your chair might harm it or, worse, cause injury. Always use your chair in a safe manner.

Sit in the chair's centre, with your back against the backrest.

Do not sit on the chair's front edge.

Do not stand on the chair.

Do not use the chair with more than one person.

Do not push the chair around when a person is sitting in it.

Do not push down on the backrest when a person is reclined.

Do not place all your weight on the backrest only.

Do not place your hand or fingers near the recline mechanics.

3. Upholstery Care

In most situations, TTRacing chairs may be cleaned with a wet cloth, however it is suggested that you take additional care in keeping your chair.

PU Leather

The PU leather used by TTRacing is stain-resistant and simple to clean. Simply wipe the leather and clean with a microfiber towel moistened with a little water to remove dirt and minor stains. After washing, let the chair air dry fully.

Air Threads Fabric

TTRacing Air Threads Fabric, like any other material, can get dirty over time. Spills should be blotted up immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel, while loose particles and dirt can simply be vacuumed up. DO NOT rub on the fabric, as this could cause more staining. To get rid of stubborn stains, use a fabric cleaner. Spray a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe clean.

4. Functional Parts

As long as the chair's moving and functional parts, such as the armrests, tilt mechanism, and hydraulics, are used in a non-abusive manner, they should not require much maintenance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with these parts. If your chair is still under warranty, we'll send you replacement parts if needed.

5. Warranty Claim & Support

If something goes wrong with your chair, please take photos or record a short video of the problem and contact us through our Support Form. Visit our Warranty page to learn more about what our warranty covers.