TTRacing Surge Gaming Chair

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Built for Stylish Comfort

Surge design is inspired by FENDI. Being slightly smaller as compared to the Royale model, Surge seeks out for those who are looking for a seat full of energy with a dominant beast-like figure that will stand out instantly among other things in your room. Similar to Royale, Surge is designed ergonomically, ensuring perfect contact between user’s body and the chair. Equal body weight distribution made inch perfect when ergonomic design meets our soft and thick cold cure foam, attached to the highest quality faux leather and meticulously embedded onto the Surge. The Surge back is built based on a slight curve shape from shoulder all the way down to the waist. This design allows Surge to hold user’s body well even when sitting posture is not entirely upright.

180 Degree Full Recline

Taking nap on Surge is definitely a treat to the body. Similar to Royale, Surge is able to recline up to 180 degree with multiple recline levels to suit individual needs. While taking naps is certainly not the only thing you can do with this, reading books, playing console with a laid back posture or be fed like a baby lying flat are all possible with Surge.

The Art of Perfect Craftsmanship

Advanced craftsmanship ability has allowed us to create a seamless cover for our chair body. Traditionally, foam is applied to a chair frame before skin is applied onto the foam. The process is much simpler, however, creating potential uneven surface and creases. At TTRacing, compromising on quality is not an option. We combined our top quality cold cure foam with our premium faux leather, before applying onto the chair frame. This orientation results in impeccable fit between foam, skin and the frame, eliminating even trivial creases. Bonded faux leather is also more practical (as compared to hot real leather chairs) and provide the best value for quality.

4D Adjustable Armrests

With our customized 4D adjustable armrests, we make sure that you’d be extra comfortable and just enjoy every moment sitting on it! Any position you would love to rest your arm, you’ll find it perfect with our armrests. The ability to adjust up, down, front, back, left, right and angled clockwise/anticlockwise makes it possible for everyone to find the right position for themselves. Our armrests are fully coated with the softest PU and cushion body material, coupled with great grip on both sides to provide you a special place for your arms.

Lumbar and Head Pillows

If there’s anything we can add to make you even more comfortable, it is the lumbar and head pillow. The lumbar gives extra support around the waist area. This will keep you sitting in an upright posture, minimizing sourness and damage to your spine caused by incorrect sitting posture. While the head pillow, it is curved out slightly to support your neck. Both pillows are made with the same faux leather and high quality mix moulded foam.

Full Tilt Mechanism

A full tilt mechanism offers much more stability than a normal mechanism. While the trigger can be used to adjust height, it can also be used to lock/free the rocking feature of the chair. The round tension controller can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise to tighten or loosen rocking tensions.

Heavy Duty Chrome aluminium Base

Our base is constructed to provide maximum stability and durability. Mixing aluminium with other alloys has allowed us to build this super strong, rust and corrosion resistant aluminium base. Each hand of the base is slightly curvy to further enhance the strength of the chair base withstanding more weight.

Heavy Duty PU Castor

Even our castors are handpicked to resemble a sports car rim. The stylish design is a big plus, the increased durability makes them the best fit. The PU castors are 6cm in diameter and are able to rotate 360 degree along the movement axis. The rubber material allows the castors to move on most surface without causing damage to the castors or the surface itself.